Formed in 2011 and featuring musicians from USA Nails, Death Pedals and Los Bitchos, London noise-punks Dead Arms release their second album 'Simply Dead' on Hominid Sounds / Rip This Joint Records on 10th May 2019. 

Written throughout 2017 and recorded live over a single weekend in early 2018 at Bear Bites Horse Studio in East London, 'Simply Dead' is 25 minutes of bass-heavy aggression akin to the output of Amphetamine Reptile and early Sub Pop records. With a no frills approach to song writing, driving rhythm, ferocious guitar and the ever present guttural howl of frontman ‘General Waste’, all 10 tracks are succinct slices of Jesus Lizard infused garage punk dealing with the big issues of our time from Brexit to Hollywood sex scandals. 

Following the release of their debut album in 2015 Dead Arms toured throughout France with Blacklisters, Broker and The St. Pierre Snake Invasion and have shared stages in the UK with the likes of Yards, Big Lad, JOHN, Heavy Lungs, Petrol Girls, Thee MVPS, Casual Nun and Bad Breeding. 

They now embark on a 9 date tour of the UK and Europe kicking off with their first London show for over a year on 23rd May at The Shacklewell Arms followed by a set at the Cardiff Psych and Noise Fest on 24th May. See them throughout Europe from the 26th with fellow London DIY noise rockers 'USA Nails’.

Phil Glitter / Alex Brewins - Musician


Raised by a four pack of Fosters, Phil Glitter spent his formative years living as a Dickensian pick-pocket in the back streets of Liverpool. 
He fell in love with guitar playing whilst frequenting his first gig, The Teletubbies live at South Shields Arts Club in 2008 and quickly built up a reputation for slightly off-kilter Status Quo covers on the local pub circuit. He's still trying to write his first solo.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Sid James, Everton FC, Babycham
General Waste / Steve Wheeler - Musician


Son of an 18th Century rapscallion transported to the 21st Century via the power of irrational thought, General Waste is a man out of time in literally every sense.


With a beard forged from the smouldering embers of a Care Bear bonfire, a voice only a mother could love and a body still determined to get into a Small T-shirt he fronts the Dead Arms crew like Bernard Cribbins doing Freddie Mercury on Stars In Their Eyes. 

FAVOURITE THINGS: Pickled Eggs, 90s Rom-Coms, Ryan Gosling

Danny 5 Bands / Daniel Holloway - Musician


Following a freak sewing accident 5 Bands was left with short term amnesia and can subsequently only remember one of the bands he is in at any one time. This caused some issues when he was forced out of an early incarnation of Kasabian for trying to add some krautrock to their insipid drivel.


Danny has since gone on to become the face of Weight Watchers UK and is a regular guest on Loose Women where his sexual chemistry with that one from the Nolans has caused the show to be moved to a post watershed slot on ITV3


FAVOURITE THINGS: East 17, Cotton Penises, Loud Noises

Kitty Techno / Nic Crawshaw - Musician


Cursed with an unfathomable height that has seen her stalked by giraffe hunters through the streets of Surrey, Kitty Techno is the band member voted most likely to appear on Britain's Got Talent showcasing her bewildering array of impressions of upper class people. 

She began drumming as a baby using oyster shells and silver spoons graduating to a full set of cans for a long list of all-girl punk bands before settling on Dead Arms (who she secretly uses experimental rhythms on that will eventually turn them all into 90 year old grandmothers). She is currently bewildered by the emergence of Ian MacKaye clones and suspects the work of a shadowy organisation in the bowels of government.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Patrick Moore, Bunk Beds, 90s fashion